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Truck Accidents

The Boulder truck accident lawyers at Cook, Bradford & Levy handle a number of large truck and tractor-trailer personal injury cases. Our attorneys have a history of seven figure settlements and verdicts.

Collisions with heavy commercial trucks cause serious injuries or death. Every year, thousands of people are killed in crashes involving large trucks. If you are involved in a collision with a tractor trailer, the insurance company may attempt to deny your claim or offer you a very small sum of money to avoid paying the fair value of your claim. Therefore, it is important to consult with an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Our Boulder truck accident lawyers are ready to take your call and help through this difficult process.

Truck Accidents in Colorado

Often, trucking companies train their drivers to never admit fault for a collision, even if it is clear that they were at-fault. These companies will send accident reconstruction experts to the scene to detail evidence and witness accounts that support their theory of the accident. All of this is done to prevent the trucking company from having to pay you the value of your claim. Federal law requires commercial vehicles traveling in interstate commerce to carry at least $750,000 of insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Some trucking companies are self-insured, which means, they are responsible to pay for the injuries and damages. Both insurance companies and trucking companies will try to limit their financial responsibility. The Boulder truck accident lawyers at Cook, Bradford & Levy are here to victims file a claim with the trucking insurance company.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Colorado

The cause of a truck accident can arise from anything from inadequate driver training, driver fatigue or mechanical problems with the truck from improper maintenance. Because trucks are so big and heavy, they have difficulty stopping can rear-end passenger vehicles. This is especially true when the truck is hauling a large trailer. Together the tractor trailer truck can weigh over 80,000 as they travel on the roadway.

Driver fatigue is another common cause of truck accidents in Boulder. The problem arises because a truck driver’s income is often based on how many miles they can cover in the shortest amount of time. Truck drivers want to maximize how many miles they drive as they are often paid by the mile. Trucking is multi-billion-dollar industry and their profits come from pushing their drivers to deliver as much as possible as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, those who share the roads with these big trucks face a real safety danger. Federal Regulations attempt to combat this danger by putting limits on the hours truck drivers can be on duty without rest. These regulations attempt help lower the number of truck accidents here in Denver and Boulder as well as the rest of the Country. Sometimes trucking companies or drivers will attempt to circumvent these by putting profits ahead of safety.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Boulder Colorado

It is crucial to have a truck accident attorney on your side who understands the laws that commercial drivers must follow. When you come to Cook, Bradford & Levy after a serious truck accident, we will immediately and thoroughly investigate your accident, and file claims for the compensation we believe you are entitled to receive. If you are trying to recover compensation after a careless driver struck you, the Denver and Boulder truck accident lawyers at Cook, Bradford & Levy may be able to represent you. We serve people in Denver, Lafayette, Louisville, Arvada, Aurora, Fort Collins, and throughout the Front Range. Contact us at 303-543-1000 or via our online form for a free consultation. We also can represent people who are injured in Maryland.