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Bicycle Accidents

At Cook, Bradford & Levy we are experienced Boulder bicycle accident lawyers who believe that riding a bicycle is an essential part of healthy living and experiencing Colorado’s beautiful environment. Our lawyers ride their mountain and road bikes all over the trails and roads of the Colorado foothills and beyond, but we especially enjoy doing so in Boulder and Jefferson Counties. Inevitably, at some point we all find ourselves riding our bicycles on Colorado’s roads. Riding a bicycle in Colorado comes with responsibilities and expectations, both for the rider and for the cars and trucks we share the road with. It is essential that cyclists and car and truck drivers show mutual respect on Colorado roads. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are a common sight, and when an accident happens we recommend that you contact an experienced Boulder bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. At Cook, Bradford & Levy we have handled bicycle accidents in various counties along the Front Range, and we are prepared to stand up for you to hold unsafe car and truck drivers accountable.

When a cyclist is hit by a car or truck in Colorado it is the burden of the cyclist to prove that the car or truck driver was negligent. Boulder bicycle accident lawyers at Cook, Bradford & Levy understand Colorado and local laws that apply to cyclists and car and truck drivers when an accident occurs, and this is essential to proving that the car or truck driver was negligent. Colorado bicycle laws can be found here, and the local laws depend on the municipality in which the accident happened.

On the other side of the coin, we are able to use our knowledge of the “rules of the road” to defend our cyclist clients when the insurance companies point the finger at them alleging the cyclist’s negligence. Because the burden of proof generally lies with the plaintiff to prove his or her claim, an experienced Boulder bicycle accident attorney will look for evidence to support a client’s claim. Cook, Bradford & Levy has used various methods for gathering cycling specific evidence such as downloading and preserving the GPS or Garmin-type units found on the bikes of many cyclists, data from applications such as Strava and other monitoring devices used by our (typically gadget and tech-savvy) cyclist clients. A good Boulder bicycle accident lawyer will also rely on more traditional investigational methods to help prove the claim against the car or truck driver. To this end, we encourage our clients to exchange information at the scene with any witnesses and note the contact information of the other bicyclists in his or her group. We also conduct our own investigations whereby we will obtain witness statements, map data, information from vehicle data recorders (“black boxes”), cellphone data, photographs, weather information and the like. Cook, Bradford & Levy has also worked with well-respected cyclists and coaches to serve as experts in support of our cyclist clients’ claims. At the end of the day, a sold Boulder bicycle accident attorney must strive to make sure that we put together for our clients the strongest evidence with which to fight the inevitable pushback from the giant corporate insurance carriers.

At Cook, Bradford & Levy we handle all the investigational, claim building and communication with the involved insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering from your injury. If you have been injured while riding your bicycle on the roads of Colorado you need an experienced Boulder bicycle accident attorney. We encourage you to contact us at 303-543-1000 for a free initial consultation.