Car Accident at University of Colorado

CU Car Accident Lawyers for Students

Even though the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus is pedestrian-friendly, many CU students choose to have cars to commute to school, work, home, ski-trips, and the occasional long-range road trip. But what happens when a CU student gets seriously injured in a car accident? At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC our Boulder car accident lawyers have extensive experience helping CU students successfully recover financial compensation for damages from the careless driver or his or her insurance company. If you or another University of Colorado student has been hurt in a car accident in Boulder, we invite you to call our car accident attorneys for CU students today at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation about your case.

The Nature of Car Accidents Involving College Students

Step foot on any college campus in America and the typical student is between 18-24 years old. The University of Colorado is no different than most universities in the United States, with the exception that CU students tend to possess a bigger spirit of adventure than their peers. At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our car accident attorneys for CU students believe that this spirit of adventure is what makes CU students great, but it can also lead them to get into more danger – including car accidents.

Coupled with sobering statistics such as car accidents being the leading cause of death for 18-24-year-olds, the rise of cell phone use and texting, as well as multiple students traveling together in cars, when a serious accident happens its impacts can be devastating on the driver and his or her passengers. A car accident can involve complex issues such as whether a passenger can bring a claim against the driver of the car they were in, whose insurance can you make claims against, will there be enough insurance for multiple claims, and what are the impacts if an out-of-state issued insurance policy is involved. These are some of the many reasons we recommend retaining an experienced Boulder car accident attorney who knows the ins-and-outs of the claim process and can hold the at-fault driver responsible.

Our CU car accident lawyers are well-versed in how to properly build a claim to maximize your financial recovery to include all of your losses whether that is a forced withdrawal from school, forfeited tuition, past and future medical bills, and your emotional damages, among other categories of damages. Most of the time we are able to settle our clients’ claims without ever having to go to court, but if needed, our CU car accident attorneys for students have collectively tried over 100 cases in America’s courtrooms and we can present your case to a jury.

What to Do if You are a CU Student Who Has Been Hurt in a Car Accident

Most CU students are at the age when they are quickly gaining their independence for the first time and may not have the resources available to know what to do if they have been seriously hurt in an accident. At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC we know that students have these questions, because we were once college students ourselves. Additionally, many CU students are from other states and their parents may not be easily able to help them navigate the world of health care.

After a motor vehicle collision, our car accident attorneys for CU students recommend that you get immediate treatment for your injuries, whether that be at an Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Once you have received trauma care, however, it is important that you get the follow-up care that is tailored to treat your specific health conditions. Our experienced CU car accident lawyers for students can help you find the right doctors, chiropractors, or specialists that can put you on the road to recovery.

Our team can also advise you the best way to pay for your health care, whether that be using a parent’s or student’s health insurance, medical payment coverage, or treating on a lien-basis. We have found that having an experienced car accident lawyer for CU students by your side to answer your questions and guide you through your recovery is invaluable both in terms of reducing your stress and optimizing your outcome when it comes time to make your claim with the insurance company.

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation

If you or another CU student has been injured in a car accident, you need a skilled advocate who can stand up for you and be your guide through the claims process. Our University of Colorado student car accident lawyers invite you to call us today at 303-543-1000 for a free meeting with our attorneys. We can meet you in your dorm or apartment, in the hospital, a coffee shop, or at our main office here in Lafayette, which is only a 15-minute drive from CU’s Boulder campus.

Client Reviews
“I was rear ended by a driver on his cell phone. I started with another attorney, but was not receiving adequate attention to my case. I switched to Brian and everything changed. He was attentive to my situation, listened to all I had to say, and worked to resolve my case in a timely fashion. He continued to communicate and touch base even during slow parts of the process. After the settlement was resolved, he has still reached out to check in on my health and well being. I would highly recommend Brian Bradford as a lawyer.” Randy
“A driver trying to get away from the police ran a red light and broadsided my car. My injuries affected me physically, emotionally and organizationally. Hiring Steve Cook allowed me to focus on healing while ALL the legal Issues were effectively handled by his firm. Steve's patience, honest, determination. competence and experienced evaluation of my case resulted in a great settlement without having to go to trial.” Shirley
“I was injured in a car accident and I was having a hard time getting much of a response from the insurance companies. I never thought I would resort to calling an attorney, but I am so happy that I did, and that Jason Levy was that attorney. He was respectful, knowledgeable, and kind. When I was healing from major surgery, he arranged for my deposition to take place all the way out in Harford County, at a library near my home, rather than having me come into the city. He was also very persistent with the other driver's insurance company, finally negotiating an excellent settlement” Kate