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Slip & Fall Accidents

Our lawyers at Cook, Bradford & Levy regularly handle slip and fall cases which is also known as Premises Liability. Slip and Fall or Premises Liability cases hold property owners accountable when someone is hurt upon their property. A Landowner is responsible for managing the conditions on the property they own. These types of accidents can occur inside or outside, at a residence, place of public gathering or a place of business. Examples of dangerous conditions that can exist on a property that our slip and fall attorneys have seen in Boulder include: ice covered parking lots, uneven stairway, wet floors, a hidden object on the floor, and an unmarked hole or crack on the ground. In Colorado, the liability of a landowner depends on the status of the person who was injured on the premises. The Boulder slip and fall lawyers at Cook, Bradford and Levy will perform an investigation and conduct the research to determine what your status is at the time of your injury and what duty of care was owed to you.

Under this law, it is much harder for an injured victim to prove fault on the part of a landowner when the victim has been determined by the Court to be a trespasser, rather than a licensee or invitee. Essentially, a slip and fall lawyer helps the injured victim must prove that the landowner knew of a dangerous condition and purposely took no action to protect the injured victim from the dangerous condition. A licensee, on the other hand, must prove that the landowner actually knew about the dangerous condition, and was unreasonable in its attempts to remedy the condition. In most casts, the injured victim will most often be considered an invitee because most slip an fall accidents occur on business property during business hours.

The judge will determine an injured victim’s classification under the premises liability act, after reviewing the circumstances of the case. Each case presents unique factual scenarios which must be carefully defined and investigated to later persuade the Court to choose one classification over another. An experienced Boulder slip and fall lawyer can help with this assessment. If the injured victim is considered an “invitee” at the time of the fall, it may be easier for that injured victim to prove fault. The landowner will hire attorneys to try to convince the judge to that the injured victim was a licensee or trespasser, rather than an invitee at the time of the accident. You need an experienced slip and fall attorney to help level the playing field.

If you or someone you know has been injured while on the property of another, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer. Our Boulder injury lawyers will be able to tell you about the laws in Colorado, discuss your legal options, and answer any questions you have. A lawyer’s help is critical to help you determine the best course of action for you based your specific situation.

If you are trying to recover compensation after a slip and fall injury on the premises of another, the Boulder slip and fall attorneys at Cook, Bradford & Levy may be able to represent you. We serve people in Denver, Lafayette, Louisville, Arvada, Aurora, Fort Collins, and throughout the Front Range. Contact us at 303-543-1000 or via our online form for a free consultation.