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If I Call Cook, Bradford & Levy, What Is the Process Going to Look Like for Me?

Everything we do for our clients, and empower our clients to do themselves, is to put our clients in the best possible position to maximize their recovery at the end of their case. When you call us we will ask you a few basic questions to help us evaluate whether you have a case. If you do, then we will reach out to you for a more formal manner to set an intake appointment at a convenient time for you either at your home, a neutral location, or at our office here in Lafayette.

If we both agree on representation, we will explain to you in great detail how we will be helping you through the claims process and the primary importance of your medical treatment. We believe that the most important goal after any collision that you make a full recovery from your injuries. For example, if you feel you have hit a roadblock, or plateaued in your treatment, we can give you some ideas to discuss with your medical provider that is designed to help you keep improving and on the road to recovery. This may include empowering you to inquire with your medical provider whether a referral to a specialist may be appropriate. We are also here to advise you on any questions about the best way to pay for your medical treatment. We will continue to monitor your progress and treatment until you reach a point in time where it is proper to submit your claim to the insurance company.

Once it is time to submit your claim to the insurance company we will create a detailed and personalized “demand.” This will tell the insurance company about the incident, how it affected you and why the amount of money we are demanding is proper. Generally speaking, we will include citations to Colorado law that support each claim that we are making on your behalf.

After the insurance company receives the demand they will generally extend an offer to resolve your claim in exchange for releasing the at fault parties from any further liability. An experienced Boulder personal injury lawyer will evaluate the insurance company’s offer with you and calculate how much you will end up receiving in your pocket after all fees, medical expenses and costs have been deducted from the amount being offered. Generally speaking, we will then start negotiating on your behalf – with your consent – and if the insurance company offers a sum of money that is acceptable to you then we will accept the offer on your behalf. Should this occur, we will handle the payment of your medical bills (called “subrogation”), costs and expenses so that all you need to do is come into our office to receive a check in a previously agreed upon amount – no surprises.

In the event that the insurance company fails to offer you an acceptable sum to resolve your claim, we will explain your options to you. One of these options includes the filing of a lawsuit. We will go into great detail with you about the implications of filing suit so that you make every decision with “eyes wide open” and after considering all of your options. Once suit is filed, the other side (the defendant) will file an answer to the lawsuit, and the “discovery process” generally begins. During discovery you will likely have your deposition taken, answer written interrogatories under oath, and even possible have a defense-directed medical examination for the areas that were injured in the collision. Of course, this is only a basic overview of the process, but you should understand that we are experienced litigators who will be by your side every step of the way protecting your interests.