Pedestrian Accident in Erie

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our Erie, Colorado accident lawyers have over 4 decades of collective experience representing injured victims in Boulder and Weld Counties. We are skilled at helping our clients who have been hurt or killed in accidents, and we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients and their families. Our team of Erie accident attorneys has successfully handled all types of injury cases, and this article highlights one area in particular – pedestrian accidents. If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a pedestrian accident near Erie, Colorado, we invite you to call our Erie pedestrian accident lawyers today at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation about how we might be able to help you.

Data Shows Increasing Auto / Pedestrian Accidents Resulting in Serious Injury or Death

Our personal injury lawyers understand that Erie, Colorado is a small, local community that is currently still developing much of its pedestrian infrastructure. However, we have noticed that like most of East Boulder County and West Weld County, Erie residents are highly aware of the benefits of walking or riding bicycles to places they might otherwise drive. Erie, just like most of the country, is having to deal with an increase in the number of auto-pedestrian encounters, and sometimes pedestrians end up getting seriously hurt.

The data shows that nationally, pedestrian accident deaths have been steadily rising over recent years, something that experts believe is due mostly to people walking more. It doesn’t take an Erie pedestrian accident attorney to understand that more people out walking, increased development and traffic congestion, as well as the epidemic that is distracted driving behaviors such as driving while texting, talking, programming their GPS units, etc., will result in more auto-pedestrian accidents.

According to recent national data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, 2017 saw almost 6,000 deaths in crashes between cars and pedestrians. While the number of pedestrian accident deaths remained roughly the same as in 2016, 2016 saw a 6% increase in accident deaths from 2015, and 2015 saw an almost 10% increase in pedestrian/auto deaths. As far as serious accidents are concerned, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that there were about 60,000 serious pedestrian accidents in 2006, and 70,000 serious pedestrian accidents in 2015 – an increase of approximately 17%. The data supports what our Erie pedestrian accident lawyers are seeing: cars hitting pedestrians is an increasing problem in our Colorado communities.

The Serious Nature of Pedestrian vs. Auto Accidents

Compared to car vs. car accidents, people who walk do not have the same protections as those who are in vehicles. Clearly, cars are designed to withstand serious collisions with protections from bumpers, airbags, and the frame of the car itself. Obviously, pedestrians (and cyclists) lack these basic safety protections. As lawyers experienced in pedestrian vs. car accidents near Erie, Colorado and the surrounding communities, we have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of pedestrian accidents.

Without question, at Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, almost all our pedestrian clients who have been hit by cars or trucks have suffered extreme injuries ranging from death to fractured bones to head injuries. In Colorado, an injured pedestrian almost always is transported to the Emergency Room and stays anywhere from a few hours (the lucky ones) to several days in the hospital. Surgery is required more often than not. Our Erie pedestrian accident attorneys understand that if this has happened to you, you will have questions about how to pay for your medical bills, as well as how to recover your damages from the careless or negligent driver. The good news is that our experienced Erie personal injury lawyers can help you figure out the best way to pay for your bills and maximize your financial recovery from either the at-fault’s insurance policy, your insurance policy, or a combination of the two.

Recovering Your Harms & Losses After a Pedestrian Accident

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, we know from experience the optimal way to pay your bills while putting you in a position to maximize your insurance recovery. In Colorado an injured pedestrian who was hit by a negligent or careless driver may recover money for the following:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages past and future
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain & Suffering and emotional stress
  • Physical impairment
  • Out of Pocket Expenses
  • And more

We can help you document your losses and prove to the insurance companies, or a jury if necessary, that the pedestrian was not at fault and is entitled to recover the full value of his or her harms and losses. Our team of Erie pedestrian accident lawyers will work with your doctors, your family, your employers, and even national and local experts, to gather and present the information needed to win your pedestrian accident case. While most of our clients can resolve their claims through negotiation with the insurance companies, at Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our personal injury trial lawyers have had success in courtrooms across Colorado and can file a lawsuit on your behalf if that is appropriate under the circumstances of your case.

Helping Pedestrian Accident Victims in Erie and Boulder and Weld Counties

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an auto vs. pedestrian accident near Erie, Colorado, our Erie pedestrian accident attorneys can help. We encourage you to call us today at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation about your case and how we can achieve justice for you and your family.

Client Reviews
“I was rear ended by a driver on his cell phone. I started with another attorney, but was not receiving adequate attention to my case. I switched to Brian and everything changed. He was attentive to my situation, listened to all I had to say, and worked to resolve my case in a timely fashion. He continued to communicate and touch base even during slow parts of the process. After the settlement was resolved, he has still reached out to check in on my health and well being. I would highly recommend Brian Bradford as a lawyer.” Randy
“A driver trying to get away from the police ran a red light and broadsided my car. My injuries affected me physically, emotionally and organizationally. Hiring Steve Cook allowed me to focus on healing while ALL the legal Issues were effectively handled by his firm. Steve's patience, honest, determination. competence and experienced evaluation of my case resulted in a great settlement without having to go to trial.” Shirley
“I was injured in a car accident and I was having a hard time getting much of a response from the insurance companies. I never thought I would resort to calling an attorney, but I am so happy that I did, and that Jason Levy was that attorney. He was respectful, knowledgeable, and kind. When I was healing from major surgery, he arranged for my deposition to take place all the way out in Harford County, at a library near my home, rather than having me come into the city. He was also very persistent with the other driver's insurance company, finally negotiating an excellent settlement” Kate