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Erie Colorado Car Accident Lawyers

Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC attorneys and staff are frequent visitors to Erie, Colorado, which is a town that borders Lafayette, Colorado. The town of Erie has approximately 22,000 residents according to estimates based on the 2010 census. Erie hosts a wide range of events for residents and visitors alike, such as the Erie Farmer’s Market, numerous music festivals and performances, and even an annual Brewfest. Additionally, Erie empowers its residents to get outside and visit the over 135 acres of parkland and 1,143 acres of open space within the city limits.

Even in a city as well-planned as Erie, car accidents are inevitable when distracted drivers are present. When this happens, an experienced Erie car accident attorney such as those at Cook, Bradford & Levy can help you. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your case at 303-543-1000.

After a car accident in Erie, you may be wondering how to best pay for your medical treatment and whether you can recover for certain damages such as lost income. An experienced Erie car accident attorney knows how to navigate the world of insurance to optimize your right to be fully compensated. For example, many people wonder whether it is best to pay for your medical bills with your health insurance, if you have it, or whether it is best to use “MedPay” benefits from your own insurance policy. At Cook, Bradford & Levy, our personal injury attorneys are well-versed in Colorado law and insurance policy language so that every medical bill is paid for with your best interests in mind, and we can advise you exactly how and when to use the insurance coverage available to you.

As far as lost wages are concerned, an experienced Erie car accident lawyer knows that even if you use your paid time off (PTO) and did not actually miss any work without pay, you can still recover for the PTO that you used because you would not have used it – or you would have used it for actual vacation – if the car accident had not happened. To support a lost wages claim, an experienced Erie car accident attorney can help you identify, gather, and present to the insurance company the documentation necessary to support your claim. For example, PTO ledgers showing time accrued and when it was used, as well as those doctor’s notes that correspond to your time off, are essential to proving up – and being compensated for – a lost wage claim. PTO is a valuable and recoverable category of wage loss and an experienced attorney can help you protect this hard-earned benefit.

Here at Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC we strive to provide to our community the best legal service available in the field of personal injury law. This means being the experienced Erie personal injury attorney who you can trust when you have been injured in a car accident. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to handle your personal injury matter and we encourage you to reach out to us at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation to discuss your case.