UPS Truck Accident in Denver

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our Denver UPS truck accident lawyers have decades of collective experience representing clients who have been seriously injured by careless or negligent UPS delivery trucks. This article is an extension of our previous outline of the unique nature of UPS truck accidents in Colorado that can be found here. Our Denver UPS delivery truck accident attorneys are knowledgeable about trucking accident cases of all kinds, and we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights following an accident with any type of United Parcel Service vehicle, whether that is a local brown delivery van or a UPS owned and operated interstate semi-tractor trailer. If you have questions after a serious accident with a UPS delivery truck, we invite you to call our Denver UPS truck accident lawyers today at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation about your case.

UPS Trucks at Dangerous Denver Intersections

While many factors can contribute to an accident with a UPS delivery truck, our Denver UPS truck accident attorneys see time and again that certain Denver intersections tend to be more dangerous than others. Moreover, the danger of an intersection is amplified when safe driving requires a UPS truck driver to take into account the erratic and sometimes extreme weather conditions found in Denver and the Front Range. UPS is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act to train its drivers so that they can safely maneuver delivery trucks in bad weather and at busy intersections.

According to a recent study by the Denver Police Department, the following Denver intersections were the 10 most dangerous for 2017:

  • 56th Avenue and Tower Road with 18 accidents
  • 20th and Broadway with 19 accidents
  • Mississippi and Santa Fe with 19 accidents
  • Evans and Federal with 22 accidents
  • Speer and Wewatta with 28 accidents
  • Speer and Auraria with 32 accidents
  • 6th and Kalamath with 34 accidents
  • Monaco and Alameda with 35 accidents
  • Quebec and Leetsdale with 35 accidents
  • Alameda and Santa Fe with 37 accidents

An examination of the above list for 2017 reveals that many accidents happened in congested urban areas near downtown. Of particular interest to a UPS truck accident lawyer in Denver, however, are the intersections between downtown Denver and Denver’s industrial centers outside the city center. This is because while Denver’s traffic congestion usually prevents a brown UPS delivery truck from picking up excessive speed (or “picking up steam”), but streets like Santa Fe Drive, Platte River Drive, Pena Boulevard (UPS has a cargo facility at Denver International Airport), Tower Road, and I-70 and I-25 on and off ramps either require, allow, or do not monitor commercial vehicles like UPS delivery trucks traveling at high speeds.

As you might imagine, the severity of a UPS truck accident is usually larger than a typical “car vs. car” accident because the brown UPS delivery trucks are often fully loaded with packages and deliveries which can add substantial weight and, therefore, force when a collision happens. The heavy weight of delivery trucks is another reason why UPS must ensure that its drivers are specially trained on how to handle a particular delivery vehicle in the fleet. When an accident happens where inadequate training or maintenance is not present, this can be important evidence that UPS was careless, negligent, or even reckless in causing a crash.

UPS Trucks Blocking Denver Bike Lanes

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, we believe that a good Denver UPS delivery truck accident attorney should also be aware of the problem that these trucks pose to Denver’s vibrant bicycling community. Simply put, often times UPS delivery truck drivers are in a hurry and end up parking in places – like dedicated bike lanes – that block the path of travel for cyclists. Like dooring, when a UPS truck blocks the bicycle lane cyclists are forced into other lanes of traffic and risk getting hit by inattentive urban drivers. In such a scenario, a Denver UPS truck accident lawyer will make sure that his client makes a claim against both UPS and the driver of the car who hit him or her.

As far as delivery trucks like UPS and FedEx are concerned, many drivers are running behind schedule at the end of the day and it is more common to see such trucks blocking bike lanes during the afternoon/evening commute home. A knowledgeable Denver UPS truck accident attorney will recognize this pattern and make the correlation between traffic volumes and the frequency of UPS delivery truck accidents.

Helping Victims of Serious UPS Truck Accidents

The impact of an accident with a UPS delivery truck can be devastating to you and your family. When a truck accident happens, it is important to have an experienced Denver truck accident lawyer at your side who can help you navigate the claims process and ensure that giant corporations like UPS and their insurance carriers compensate you fully for your damages. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a UPS truck in the Denver area, we invite you to call our Denver UPS truck accident attorneys today at 303-543-1000 for a free consultation about your case and how we might be able to help you.

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