Catholic Archdiocese of Denver Sexual Abuse

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our attorneys are expert listeners. We provide free and confidential case evaluations to survivors of sex abuse by Catholic clergy and church employees. If possible, we also help abuse and assault victims recover financial compensation for the lifelong injuries and painful memories that they have suffered at the hands of the church. With the recent establishment of the Colorado Catholic diocese’s victim compensation fund, payment by the church is now more a reality than ever. If you are a church sex abuse survivor, or if you are advocating for a victim, we invite you to call our Catholic Archdiocese of Denver sexual abuse lawyers today at 303-543-1000 to begin finding your voice.

Who Is Eligible to Recover?

Each case of clergy sexual abuse has its own set of facts and participants. Right now, only those victims who were abused by members of the Catholic church are eligible to recover from Colorado’s victim compensation fund. This means that the priest, clergy, or other employee must have been formally associated with the Archdiocese of Denver, Diocese of Pueblo, or Diocese of Colorado Springs. The list of potential abusers is long, and not all of the perpetrators have been identified.

With that said, the following diocesan priests, clergy and employees have been identified through publicly available sources has having had credible allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct made against them:

  • Fr. Kent Drotar
  • Fr. Michael Kurz
  • Fr. Neil Hewitt
  • Fr. Delbert Blong
  • Fr. John Francis Stein
  • Fr. Maurice McInerney
  • Fr. Andrew Burke
  • Fr. Harold Robert White
  • Rev. Dorino Delazzer
  • Fr. William Groves
  • Fr. Mark Matson
  • Fr. Timothy Evans
  • Rev. Prosper Bemunuge
  • Fr. John Martin
  • Fr. Melvin Thompson
  • Rev. Leonard Abercrombie
  • Fr. Lawrence St. Peter
  • Rev. Thomas Barry
  • Fr. Daniel Maio
Finding Your Voice – Taking Steps to Receive Compensation for Your Abuse

At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, our Colorado clergy abuse lawyers are trained to present your case to the people who will decide how much to compensate you for your harms and losses. We understand that survivors of sexual abuse often have deep wounds and need help finding their voice and the courage to speak truth to power. Through skills honed in America’s courtrooms speaking to judges and juries, our experienced trial lawyers will help deliver your message with clarity to provide maximum impact so that the Catholic church hears you loud and clear.

So what techniques do we use? The process of finding your story is deeply personal. Through training with some of America’s most noteworthy trial lawyers and psychodrama experts, our lawyers have learned effective psychodrama techniques to help identify your truth. With your permission, we work with you, your family, your friends, other attorneys and psychodrama professionals to explore in a deeply personal way the impact that the abuse has had on your life. The information gleaned from this process is invaluable to expressing your story in an authentic and compelling way.

Ultimately, a good story is told through words, pictures, and a variety of media including audio and video. At Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC, we have access to Colorado’s top audio/vision firms who can help create an impactful and emotionally moving experience to anyone listening to your story. Our experience tells us that this is the best way to tell your story and to maximize your financial recovery. Additionally, our attorneys are connected to some of the top Catholic church sexual abuse lawyers in America who we can rely on for input and second opinions when needed. Working with us gives our clients access to resources that are unique in the legal field.

Call Us Today

Survivors of clergy sexual abuse need to tell their story. In Colorado, now is the time to start preparing your case to present to the Catholic dioceses of Colorado’s reparations and victim compensation fund. We encourage you to reach out to us today online or at 303-543-1000 for your free confidential consultation about what we might be able to do for you. Our attorneys have decades of collective experience, and above all, are patient and understanding listeners. And if after calling us we determine that we cannot help you, we will take steps to help you find someone who can.

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